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Written on 07/24/2014 by Rick Faeth
~~Typical pleasant Petaluma Summer weather and a very fast track welcomed patrons on Oilstop Oil Changers Night at Petaluma Speedway Saturday Night.  Fresno’s Kyler Shaw opened eyes with a swift 12.734 as he out-qualified the 21-car Pit Stop USA Winged 360 Division.  Visiting Steven Tiner, Geoff Ensign, and Benicia’s Billy Aton captured the three eight lap heat races.  The start of the 25-lap feature saw outside pole sitter Aton get the jump on Alissa Geving.  On the move were Ensign and Bradley Terrell from their sixth and eighth starting spots as both entered the top four by the fourth lap.   Adam Brenton slowed on the fourth lap and was plowed into by Geving.  The familiar #3x gathered it up but Brenton was finished for the event.  Lap six saw a single car loop by Roberto Kirby and after that it was 19 consecutive green flag laps of exciting two-groove sprint...

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